Hehlo, my name is Michelle, i am currently 21 yrs old. And well this blog is technically not about anything in particular just about random things that i find beauty in..from people, to animals like narwals for example,ohh and peacocks:) recently ive found the wonderful world of anime/manga so i can proudly say im a anime/manga addict<3

I wish it could be like that always..♡

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Detail from The Grasshopper by Jules Joseph Lefebvre ~ La


Detail from The Grasshopper by Jules Joseph Lefebvre ~ La

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GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten - Video

Reblog/cry every time

Seriously one of the best videos I’ve ever watched in my life

wow ok tears may or may not be present in my eyeballs

Fuck, I thought the poor baby was dead in the first gif and teared up, scrolled, saw it was alive and thought I’d be okay for the video.


This is beautiful, I really hope that cat is still alive and healthy today. <3

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Michael Carini | Acrylic on Canvas | 12” x 12” Each

Available @ Alexander Salazar Fine Art

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San Diego nostalgia

Southern California, USA

for Gray-Card's Passport to the World Passport

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